Doing cutting-edge research on intelligent systems

Our research interests span distributed systems, data analytics engines, computer architecture, and applied machine learning. Our research goal is to advance the state of the art in emerging data-driven large scale computing platforms by making them more efficient, responsive, intelligent and programmable. Our current research topics at UNIST are on the following areas:


Systems + AI

We build systems support for improving machine learning frameworks and prediction-serving systems, as well as leverage machine learning in producing intelligent system software.

Big data analytics

We build data processing pipelines for real-time big data analytics at cloud/IoT scale that enable system operators to promptly troubleshoot system anomalies, improving performance and reliability of their services.

Systems for new HW

We produce substantially better system software in the face of the recent explosion of hardware features and heterogeneity, such as accelerators and processor/memory tailored to improve efficiency, density, performance predictability.